Riding in a Winter Wonderland: Car Winterization for Cold Weather

Car winterization is an important part of getting ready for cold weather driving. With holiday travel and winter road trips just around the bend, now is the time to begin bundling up and prepping your auto for cold conditions and slick streets. But, before you skid into a panic, our team at Caliber Collision is here with the top tips to keep your ride in peak condition this season.

Elevate Your Winter Emergency Kit

When the cold weather hits, the last thing you’ll want to do is scramble around for the right winterization equipment. Before the temperatures drop, stock up on the essentials to save yourself, and your auto, from the cold climate — especially if you live in cold, snowy regions.

To keep your car equipped for whatever comes its way, fill your trunk with the following:

  • Ice scraper and window brush tool
  • Warm gloves
  • An emergency kit with water, snacks, a blanket, shovel, first aid kit, flashlight and batteries
  • Jumper cables

Check and Prep Your Battery for Winter

Just like some of us, your car battery hates the cold. Even the newest batteries can struggle to survive when the temperature begins to dip — some only running at 50% of their power. Before this happens, consider your battery’s age and whether it needs to be replaced. Even if your battery is relatively new, it’s still a good idea to get it checked for winter.

Once your battery is given the all clear, you may still need to clean its posts to remove corrosion. Just like your body, what’s on the inside determines how well your car performs, and a smooth-running engine is critical for a safe winter driving.

Protection From the Elements

When winter hits, bundling up is the first step in protecting yourself from cold and crazy weather conditions. And, when it comes to your car, protective winterization for its outer layer should be no exception. If you’re able to park your car in a garage or under an awning, it will save you from hours of ice scraping and keep your ride in optimal driving condition.

Even if your parking space doesn’t offer covering, investing in a heavy-duty car shell can make a wintery whirlwind of difference. Protective covering may even protect your car from something like hail damage when the winter weather gets crazy. Finally, make regular visits to the carwash to protect your car’s exterior from corrosive road salt. This helps keep your auto’s outer layer strong through the winter months and beyond.

Car Winterization and Preventive Maintenance

You likely visit the doctor for routine checkups, even when you’re not sick. Just like your own healthcare, routine car checkups can help detect problems early, and auto maintenance prevents surprises from popping up when you’re driving on an icy road.

Before heading out to brave the conditions, check to make sure your car is in good condition itself with a quick walkaround, and an inspection. Make sure you check your tire treads, wipers, radiator and brakes. It’s important for all of these systems to be in working order. Also take a peek under the hood to check that your fluids — antifreeze, brake fluid and oil — are at the correct levels.

Consider the Conditions

Don’t forget to take additional precautions depending on your car, the conditions and your upcoming trips. Stop by Caliber Auto Care for a seasonal car care check. Those living where the roads are icier may benefit from putting sandbags in the trunk as part of the winterization process, whereas those trekking through thick snow may consider tire chains. Whatever the weather, preparation is key to stay in control and safely on the road this winter.

Driving cautiously and staying prepared are two of the best ways to stay safe when driving on slippery, slick roads. But, if you find yourself in a winter accident, contact the Caliber Collision team to jumpstart your car back to pre-accident condition. Though temperatures are dropping, our Purpose — Restoring the Rhythm of Your Life® — is always at the top of our teammates’ to-do lists.

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