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Wheel Alignment, Tire Balancing and Suspension

State-of-the-art wheel alignment

Proper wheel alignment is important for both the life of your tires and the safety of your vehicle. Misalignment causes your tires to wear out prematurely and negatively impacts your gas mileage. In a wheel alignment, we'll adjust your vehicle's suspension so that your tires contact the road at the proper angle to correct handling and resolve safety issues.

When do you need a wheel alignment performed?

If you experience any of the issues listed below, please bring your car in and let us evaluate it.

  • Pulling to either side while you're driving or accelerating
  • If you have recently hit a curb, pothole, or debris
  • If you have unusual or uneven tire wear
  • After replacing worn suspension items
  • At manufacturer-recommended intervals

What is tire balancing and rotation?

Different from wheel alignment, tire balancing identifies and corrects any weight imbalances in the tire/wheel. Our technicians use a high-speed balancing machine to test each tire at its optimal inflation. Proper tire balance improves vehicle handling and prevents steering pulls, vibrations and shimmying.

Tire rotation means moving the tires from one position to another to compensate for different weights on the front and rear axles and helps tread wear evenly.

When should you have your tires rotated?

Reasons to rotate your tires vary, but they all help your tires last longer and your vehicle to drive better.

Suspension Repair

Your vehicle's suspension system is crucial for providing a comfortable ride and ensuring your safety on the road. A malfunctioning suspension system can make your ride bumpy, decrease vehicle control, and pose a significant safety risk. At Caliber Auto Care, our ASE certified technicians specialize in suspension repair services to help you maintain a safe and smooth ride.

When should you have your tires rotated?

A well-functioning suspension system helps to absorb shocks and bumps on the road, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride. However, over time, the suspension system may become worn or damaged, leading to several issues, such as:

Maintaining and repairing your suspension system regularly is essential to prevent these issues. At Caliber Auto Care, we use advanced diagnostic tools to identify and fix any problems with your suspension system.

Our experienced technicians offer a wide range of suspension repair services, including:

At Caliber Auto Care, we understand the importance of a well-functioning suspension system for your safety and comfort on the road. Our experienced technicians use the latest diagnostic tools and equipment to provide top-quality suspension repair services. We offer additional services, including complimentary amenities such as a luxurious lounge, and business center, premium refreshments such as Starbucks Coffee, an indoor enclosed kids' play area, and complimentary neighborhood shuttle service. We strive to provide our customers with a hassle-free experience and exceptional service at affordable prices.

If you're experiencing issues with your vehicle's suspension system, please contact Caliber Auto Care. Our team of experts is ready to help you get back on the road safely and comfortably. Schedule an appointment today, and let us handle all your suspension repair needs.

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Be Tire Smart

Tires are extremely important to a number of factors related to your car — the way it rides, the way it handles and gas mileage, to name a few. But the main focus of this article is the most important — safety.

Get It Straight: Car Alignment Is Everything

If your car pulls to one side or your tires look unusually smooth on one edge, it can mean your car is out of alignment. There are also some signs of misalignment that are harder to spot.d.

Regular Car Maintenance Tips

For a lot of drivers, as long as the car starts when they turn the key, they assume the vehicle is running fine. Keeping the gas tank full and getting a regularly scheduled oil change are top-of-mind concerns.

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