Motors of Monopoly Automotive Themed Editions

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While the original Monopoly game features the iconic Kurtis Kraft car piece, various editions have since been created to satisfy car enthusiasts all over the world. From classic cars to motorcycles, racetracks to children’s movies, the board game industry has developed a version to commemorate the biggest innovations, anniversaries and moments of the 20th and 21st centuries. So, buckle up, choose your token and get ready to gather ‘round these engine-roaring editions of one the world’s most popular board games.

Cars 2 and 3:

The famous Disney cars make an appearance in the original Pixar edition, as well as the Cars 2 and 3 versions. In the specialty Cars 2 edition, the square board is even replaced with a round racetrack that doubles as the method of rolling dice. Game pieces include Lightning McQueen and 4 other character tokens.


Shift into high gear with the Corvette Monopoly edition, featuring six car models, a wheel and the Chevy logo for game pieces. Instead of properties, players can invest in different classic models and upgrades as they move along the board. The game was released to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the iconic car and has developed quite the following of car enthusiasts.

Dale Earnhardt:

Dale Earnhardt, American professional auto racing driver and team owner, was commemorated with the release of his own version of the Monopoly board game. In the Dale Earnhardt edition, all of his storied race cars are up for sale—from his first K-2 car, to the specialty All-Star rides, to his latest Chevrolet Monte Carlo. The silver pieces in this edition include a race car, checkered flags, trophy, body tech, 18-wheeler, helmet, Earnhardt’s #3 and his own signature.

Ford 100th Anniversary Edition:

The classic automaker has released several Monopoly editions for its models such as the Mustang and Thunderbird, but it’s the 100th Anniversary Collector’s Edition that celebrates the brand’s history from the beginning. The game features six collectible pewter tokens — a 1914 Model T, ’32 Deuce Coupe, ’48 F1 Pick Up, ’55 T-Bird, ’64 Mustang and the 2003 GT — as well as racing dollars and the chance to purchase classic models starting with the 1903 Model A.

Harley Davidson:

In the Harley Davidson edition, players can buy, sell and trade motorcycles, engines, rallies and more. Opponents can ride past each other on one of the three game piece bikes, or using their helmet, boot, gas tank, engine or Harley-Davidson logo token. Players race to own some of the company’s most legendary motorcycles as they stop by iconic garages and dealerships.


In this NASCAR edition, the classic Monopoly properties are replaced with famous car/driver teams, and the houses and hotels are swapped out with garages and race shops. Instead of “Chance” and “Community Chest”, this version uses checkered and green flag cards during each turn. Tokens include a flag waver, throttle, race car and more. Start your engines, as this game is a wild ride.

Nürburgring Edition:

In this new, German Monopoly release, roadsters can race along “Green Hell”—the most dangerous speedway of the world. Along the way, players can purchase sections of the track as they move from space to space with their unique token—a trophy, tire, F1 car, helmet or wheel gun. If this sounds like the thrill you’re looking for, you might want to touch on your German since the game appears to be only produced in that language.


The VW edition is another German twist on the classic game. This version replaces property purchases with classic Volkswagen vehicles, cards with “Road Map” and “Full Tank” slips, hotels with garages and houses with carports. The collectible pieces in this version include a key, steering wheel, peace sign, gas can, bud vase and roof rack full of surfboards.

Monopoly Streets:

Finally, for those looking to go off road and on screen, there’s another twist — a video game version. Monopoly Streets is available on PS3, XBOX and Wii, and brings the iconic board game to (virtual) life. Players can experience the ups and downs, as well as purchases and sales at 3D street level. The game was released to celebrate the board game’s 75th anniversary and has been widely received by gamers everywhere.

Although this list is extensive, it barely scratches the surface of all the editions out there. But when the games are over and it’s time to head home — please drive safely. If you find that you’ve drawn a chance card and your road trip has taken a turn for the worst, remember your Caliber team is here to help you pass Go and start Restoring the Rhythm of Your Life®.

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