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Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Maintenance

Your Local Experts in EV and Hybrid Maintenance

Electric Vehicles (EVs) and hybrid vehicles are hailed for their lower maintenance requirements compared to their gasoline-driven counterparts. However, they still require regular care to ensure optimum performance and longevity. Here's how we cater to the unique needs of EV and hybrid vehicles:

General Maintenance

We have you covered from tires, brakes, lights, and cabin filtration to windshield wiper blades and body repairs. Our routine check-ups are designed to keep your vehicle in pristine condition, ensuring a smooth and safe drive.

Battery Care

The heart of your EV or hybrid is its battery. At Caliber Auto Care, we provide expert guidance on maintaining good charging habits to prolong your battery's lifespan. We advise keeping the charge between 20% and 80% and avoiding complete charge cycles to prevent battery degradation.

Drivetrain and Electronics

Our skilled technicians are adept at servicing the direct-drive system, ensuring it's well-lubricated for smooth operation. We also offer battery coolant or electric drive unit lubricating oil changes depending on your vehicle model.

Brake System

With regenerative braking technology, EVs and hybrids have brake systems that generally last longer. We provide thorough inspections and necessary maintenance to ensure your brake system remains effective and safe.

Manufacturer's Guidelines

It's vital for your EV or hybrid's well-being to follow the manufacturer's guidelines. We strictly follow the manufacturer's recommended servicing schedule to keep your vehicle in excellent condition.

Reduced Maintenance, Lasting Performance

Enjoy the reduced maintenance benefits of your EV or hybrid with our expert care. We help you capitalize on the low maintenance needs, ensuring lasting performance and reduced overall costs.

Book Your EV and Hybrid Vehicle Maintenance

At Caliber Auto Care, we are committed to providing exceptional service for your electric or hybrid vehicle. Book your appointment today and experience the pinnacle of auto care tailored for the modern, eco-conscious driver.

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We know that scheduling car care services between work, school and play can be a hassle. That’s why we make it as easy and straightforward as possible, offering you neighborhood convenience, superior service, comfortable waiting areas or free local shuttle service and the option of staying in your vehicle for some services while we work. It’s all about meeting your needs and standing behind our work.


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