Building Trust Through Transparency - Digital Vehicle Inspection at Caliber Auto Care

Trust, Transparency, and Convenience

There’s no currency that matters more in the automotive industry than trust. While it’s unfortunate that it’s in short supply because of high prices and poor repairs, we spare no effort in helping ease guest tension the moment they bring their car to us. We, at Caliber Auto Care, aim to quell doubts and fears by providing thorough, yet digestible information at every turn of the repair process.

Get clear and straightforward information regarding your car’s overall health and the repair process through our complimentary Digital Vehicle Inspection. Every Caliber Auto Care DVI comes with:

  • Digital photos that not only nurture trust through transparency, but also provide guests with visual information for clear and concise explanations.
  • Digital receipts to aid guests in keeping and tracking repair records.
  • Thorough and honest explanations from our experts outlining repair solutions based on recommended services.

We pride ourselves on our expert technicians and their ability to impart valuable knowledge to car owners, ensuring guests understand crucial ways they can care for their vehicle better.

Your time is valuable and we aim to service your vehicle minus the long wait. You won’t have to come often to check on your vehicle’s repairs. We’ll send the information to you through emails and photos to ensure you’re always kept in the loop regarding your vehicle’s repairs.

Accurate Assessments, Fair Charges

DVI Done, the Caliber Auto Care Way

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