5 Questions You Need to Ask Before Choosing a Mechanic

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    1. Are they trustworthy?
      Your relationship with your mechanic should be built on trust. Do you feel comfortable around them? In other words, are they honest or forthcoming when you walk in? Or do they treat you like a burden? Moreover, do they listen (versus talk down) to you? Their honesty and respect for you as a customer are crucial points to consider.
    2. Are they reliable?
      Top of mind should be, do they get it right the first time? It’s critical to do your due diligence by looking at online ratings and reviews (Google, Yelp, etc.) or listening to word of mouth from previous customers to ensure that they’ll do the work properly. They should be transparent about the services they recommend and allow you to prioritize repairs based on urgency and affordability.
    3. Do they educate you?
      A good mechanic will be transparent and forthright with information — not hard selling you, but rather listening and educating you on what they have found while letting you know what your options are. For example, do they recommend you do this service today, or can it wait a little while so you can prioritize repairs?
    4. What’s the convenience factor (including speed of service)?
      Often, drivers will search how close they are to a mechanic (generally a 3-5 mile radius from where they live or work). In fact, proximity is a primary decision-making driver in such a competitive industry as automotive repair. But it’s not only the time to get there but also the time spent there that’s a driver. How long does it usually take them to fix a problem? Do they offer another mode of transportation while your car is being worked on? Quick lubes, for example, do quick oil changes. Check ratings and reviews, which will be honest about the real time it takes for services based on actual customers’ experiences. It's important to consider both the accessibility and the speed of service when choosing a mechanic.
    5. Do you feel safe with your vehicle repairs when you leave?
      Simply put, do you feel assured that you received the service you wanted or needed? Trust in your mechanic should leave you assured that your vehicle is in good hands.

In addition, consider third-party resources like AutoMD.com, which may help you be better informed and feel more empowered.  You may find that using reputable sources, such as Consumer Reports, to cross reference information can make the process of understanding and consenting to parts and repairs less overwhelming.

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