How Often Should You Get a Diesel Oil Change?

How Does Motor Oil Work?

To fully understand diesel oil change frequency, it’s best to explore the importance of motor oil and what it does for your car’s engine.

Motor oil performs three critical functions that keep your car running as it should — lubrication, filtering, and cooling. The engine oil keeps the various parts of your engine running smoothly and without friction. It also filters harmful debris and particles that would otherwise end up in your engine, turn into sludge, and cause significant problems.

Finally, motor oil helps with overheating, keeping your engine cooler by absorbing much of the heat that your car’s engine emits. This is vital since diesel engines run at temperatures exceeding their gasoline-powered counterparts.

Diesel vs. Gasoline Powered Engine Oil Changes: Key Differences

Changing the motor oil in your diesel-powered vehicle is the same as for a gas-powered car, truck, SUV, or van. The main difference between a diesel engine and a gasoline engine regarding oil changes is the frequency recommended and the type of oil used.

Recommended Diesel Oil Change Intervals

There are several schools of thought regarding how often you should get a diesel oil change. However, it’s best to defer to the manufacturer’s recommendations for your specific vehicle. For most cars on the road today, you can find that information in your vehicle owner’s manual.

Suppose you no longer have the owner’s manual for your vehicle. In that case, standard recommendations hold that older diesel-powered vehicles manufactured before 2008 need an oil change every 3,500 to 5,000 miles. As for newer diesel vehicles, experts recommend changing out the oil and filter every 5,000 to 7,500 miles.

That said, you may need to opt for more frequent oil changes depending on how you use your vehicle.

For example, if you drive your vehicle in dusty or dirty conditions, your oil may get dirtier faster, necessitating a change. Similarly, towing other vehicles with your truck increases engine load and wears your diesel oil faster. So you may need to change it sooner.

Extreme environmental temperatures — hot or cold — can impact the effective lifespan of your engine oil and reduce the time and miles to wait between oil changes. Also, modified vehicles tend to require frequent oil changes. So if your diesel-powered pickup comes with aftermarket upgrades, chances are you have to change the oil more frequently.

Finally, whether your vehicle uses conventional or synthetic motor oil can also impact the frequency of oil changes.

DIY vs. Professional Diesel Oil Changes

Changing your diesel oil at home may seem like a good idea because it’s cost-effective. Besides, several YouTube videos exist to walk you through the entire process. However, DIY oil changes come with several risks and complications.

Here are some things to consider:

Oil Changes are Messy

Yes, oil changes are messy and require disposal of the used motor oil. Also, finding a recycling center for your vehicle’s old oil can be challenging in many areas. Improper disposal of old motor oil could harm the environment, and it’s illegal. You could pay thousands of dollars in fines or even face jail time.

Oil Changes may Require Special Tools

Oil changes often require specific tools — such as a drain pan, oil filter wrench, creeper board, and a new oil filter — to do the job correctly and safely. Buying and storing these tools may not be the best idea unless you perform routine vehicle maintenance.

Oversights can be Costly

Although DIY oil changes seek to save money, they can be expensive in the long run. That’s because the smallest oversights while changing your oil can result in big price tags.

For example, a misthreaded oil filter can lead to leaks or prevent the proper filtering. Also, you have to research and identify which oils are best for your diesel engine — a time-consuming process for anyone that’s not familiar with the basics of motor oil.

Trusting the task to a professional eliminates the risk of doing something wrong. That’s where Caliber Auto Care comes in.

Seek Professional Help

At Caliber Auto Care, we offer high-quality diesel oil change and auto repair or maintenance services at an affordable rate.

We want scheduling an oil change for your diesel engine to be as convenient as possible. That’s why we render high-quality, professional services while you relax in our comfortable lounge. Alternatively, you could request our drive-thru oil changes if you don’t want to leave your car.

Reach out now to schedule your diesel oil change or discuss how often you should get a diesel oil change with our experienced and friendly technicians.

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